Bushcraft No1 Hazelnut Ament

What?! That stuff can be eaten?! Yup! What is really meant here is the preliminary stage of the hazelnut. It already contains all the information about the nut, including the power pack to get the nut baked. Just get it from the tree, it should be green inside and leave something for the animals, this is not an all-you-can-eat-buffet!

Not on my crap grown, I have from #rohveganamlimit - Patrick makes here a new rubric and that makes him horny! >>bushcraftamlimit<<<
@roh_vegan_am_limit if you should find something inaccurate here, make a suggestion and I rule it! Thanks Patrick for your time and effort!

Son Haselkätzchen also has a table of contents:
- unsaturated fatty acids
- Vitamin E, B
- magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium

Effect: hemostatic, antipyretic and vasoconstrictive

People try it out so you can internalize something to do just in case!

Just dig in and take care of yourselves!
Sunny greetings


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